Fegins is the  author of “Faygo’s Report.

The purpose of this blog is for book reviews, literary comments and to provide legal news and comments about social networking  such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Fegins served as a  group faciliator  for over five years for GLORY GIRLS which was formerly a  national Christian reading  group ministry for women who love God and desired a chance to fellowship,and to read and discuss good and entertaining books that glorify God. She is  the author of two articles, “Waiting on Inspiration” in the anthology “It’s Worth the Struggle: Inspiration for Contemporary Writers and “The Extrodinary Women of Faith : The Daughters of Zelophehad ” in the anthology “Tal’itha Cumi: Damsal, I say unto thee Arise”. As a  dramatist she has protrayed a few women of the Bible and “Sojourner Truth” and has participated in and directed plays.    A varied legal career  , Fegins is currently an appellate attorney.

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