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Tell Me Lies Author: Michelle Lindo-Rice


New Book Release: Tell Me Lies

Kindle: ASIN: B018EXNO70

Author: Michelle Lindo-Rice

Publication Date: Jan 12, 2016

tell_me_lies_coverGenre: Christian Fiction

About The Book

A broken heart…When Sydney Richardson meets Pastor Noah Charleston it was practically love at first sight. Sydney has battled so much deception in her personal life and in her work as an attorney, she is glad to have a perfect man she can depend on. But her Prince Charming has some secrets that are worse than Sydney could have ever imagined. What will she do when Noah’s past life come to light?

A broken truth… Pastor Noah Charleston has come a long way since his troubled youth. A respected Man-of-God, Noah’s long buried past emerges in the form of blackmail and threats. Noah not only fears for his safety but also for his newfound love. Will he take a chance on the truth before it’s too late?

A broken trust…Newly converted Christian, Belinda Santiago, harbors a secret that could end her friendship with Sydney. She’s in love with Lance Forbes, Sydney’s ex-fiancé. When Belinda and Lance’s relationship is exposed she may have to choose between her man and her best friend.

A broken man…Lance Forbes returns to Port Charlotte to make things right with Sydney, but his feelings for Belinda are in his way. Lance knows for him to become a do-right man, he must face his childhood pain. Will Lance get his act together and take a chance on love or run again?

Michelle Lindo-Rice


About The Author

Michelle Lindo-Rice is an award winning, bestselling author of “Able to Love” and “On the Right Path” series. She enjoys crafting women’s fiction with themes centered around the four “F” words: Faith, Friendship, Family and Forgiveness. She is the 2015 winner of the Black Writers And Book Clubs Rocks Author of the Year Award. www.michellelindorice.com

Connect Socially

Website: http://www.michellelindorice.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.lindorice

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mlindorice

Purchase Links:

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1kj24B7

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B018EXNO70



“The rumor is three black boys killed your parents. Is it true?”

Perched on the edge of his cot, Noah Charleston lifted his eyes to look at the four half-men standing before him. The leader of the pack, Mitch, was sixteen with a baby face, braces and bad acne around his chin. His two muscles, twins Roger and Wylie, were about a year older at seventeen. Both were built like linebackers. Finally, the Whiz, or Matthew a slender fifteen year old with glasses that took up half of his face was the brain of the group.

“Answer him,” Roger prodded, stepping into the small cell.

Noah shrugged. “That was a year ago.”

“We can do something about that.” Mitch popped his gum. “Join us.”

Noah had heard about the “Avengers” as they dubbed themselves. They ruled the juvenile detention hall and dressed in their version of combat gear: khaki pants, boots and camouflage shirts. Even the counselors were afraid of them.

Noah kept to himself. Everyone pretty much left him alone. Except for today.

He looked up at them. “Do I have a choice?”

Wylie stepped forward. “Do you want me to help you make up your mind?”

“How about I help fix that ugly face of yours?” Noah threw back.

Wylie sprung at Noah. Noah jumped to his feet and sidestepped the much bigger guy. Then he bashed Wylie in the back of the head. Roger lunged at him.

“Quit it,” Mitch bellowed. “Leave him alone.”

Roger’s chest heaved but he backed off. His eyes held a threat. Noah met his gaze, daring him to bring it.

“I like your heart,” Mitch said. “We need you.”

“I like my own company,” Noah said.

“We have something you want,” the Whiz said. His voice was barely above a whisper. He wheezed his words as if he was always in need of an asthma pump.

“You don’t have—”

Noah’s eyes widened. The Whiz held a crumpled 3×5 photograph in his hand. Noah snatched it, “Where did you find this?”

“We have our ways,” Mitch bragged.

Noah squinted.

“I hacked into the computer system,” the Whiz said. This time he coughed at the end of his words. “I know who took your picture.”

“We’ve handled him.” Mitch’s tone was solemn.

“That’s why you should be thanking us,” Wyle said, rubbing the back of his head.

Noah looked at the photograph of his parents and closed his eyes to keep the tears from falling. It was his most prized possession. When he had been sent here to the juvenile home two months ago, Noah had placed it under his pillow before lunch. When he checked for it later that night, it had been gone. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. That was the first time since his parents’ funeral Noah had cried himself to sleep.

“Thank you,” he grounded out.

“Thank us by joining us,” Mitch said.

The Whiz held up a picture. It was an African-American by the name of Tony Billows who had taken it.

Noah clenched his fists. “Where is he?”

“In the hospital with some missing teeth,” Roger said.

“And a missing pinky,” Wylie added.

Noah blinked. He would have settled it with a well-deserved punch or two. Not doing Tony serious injury. “That was vicious.”

“It was a message. You mess with one of us you mess with us all. We’re a family,” Mitch said.

“The Avengers,” Wylie and Roger said in unison. They held out their fists. Noah had reservations but Mitch had used the magic word. Family. Noah wanted family. He made a fist and the boys all did a fist bump.

“The Avengers,” he said.

“Welcome,” Mitch said.

“Glad to have you,” The Whiz whispered. “Now, let’s get you some proper clothes and a haircut.”

Noah swallowed his reservations. He had a family again. Nothing else mattered.


To Read the first three chapters, click here:


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Anchored by Love by Unoma Nwankwor


About The Book


When Jabir Danjuma met Damisi Odinga years ago, it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. However, their attraction can’t be denied. Just as he begins to feel the forbidden emotion, Damisi breaks up with him and moves half way across the world.

Now, Damisi has a request that only Jabir could fulfill. Their encounter sets off a series of events that leave them both with fresh pain and hurt. They vow never to see each other again, but fate has a different idea. Will they stick it out long enough for the Potter to perfect their scars and pain for His purpose or will distance and time steal the day.


About The Author


Unoma Nwankwor is a romantic at heart. Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents. She spent her childhood and early adulthood years in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the COO of KevStel Group LLC, a faith based Entertainment Company aimed at providing uplifting and life changing entertainment through its movies and books.

Unoma is also the published author of An Unexpected Blessing (2013) , The Christmas Ultimatum(2013), When You Let Go (May,2014), A Scoop of Love (Jan,2015) and Anchored By Love (Dec, 2015). She has numerous published flash fiction and short stories. Her work has appeared in Africa Book Club, USA Today HEA blog and the Kenyan Ezine ;Wamathai and well as numerous radio shows and blogs. She is currently working on her next novel The Final Ultimatum.

Her readers are in love with her unique way of telling stories that capture the essence of her present home base; Atlanta Georgia and her Nigerian culture. Her stories which center on forgiveness, faith and hope have been described as a fusion of faith, romance and African spice.

After all, “and now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” ~1 Corinthians 13:13

Unoma resides in Atlanta Georgia with her husband and two kids.






“So I guess you’re my knight in shining armor coming to rescue the damsel in distress…”

The tone of her voice was not lost on him. There was an edge in it he didn’t like.

She continued, “How many of us have there been over the years?”

“What?” He stared down at her.

She sat up straight and scooted away from him. She stared at him. “How many of us have there been? Six years…let’s see…yeah, I remember the three-month rule, so what is that, twenty-four?”

“You want to do this? Now?” His forehead creased in confusion. What had he said? How could she go from sweet one minute to this the next?

“We might as well. All this pretending we’re all good is making my stomach sick.”

He sighed. He wasn’t going to take the bait. Besides, she really didn’t want the answer. She just wanted to find a way to not let him into her heart.

“Answer me. How many?”



“N-O. No.”

Social Links:

Website: http://www.unomanwankwor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNwankworAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unwankwor

Purchase Links:

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B0175FT2EC

Kobo https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/anchored-by-love


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Tempted to Touch Book Blast and Book Give Away


Author is giving away one autographed copy of Tempted to Touch and a $10.00 Amazon gift card

Tempted to Touch

Publisher: Inheritance Books (October 27, 2015)


Genre: Christian Fiction

Author: Nigeria Lockley



Kira Seagram is frustrated by her husband Mason’s zeal for the Lord, so she pours all of her attention into her work and reserves her soprano singing skills for the shower. Kira would rather not use them if she  can’t get  the adoration and recognition she feels she deserves and doubts she’ll find singing lead for Mason’s choir. When a routine drop off at her son, Nate’s private school turns into a ten-year reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Quincy McAdams, Kira isn’t interested in Mason’s half-hearted affection or willing to keep her voice to herself. With a firm offer from Quincy to help Kira cut a demo and possibly revive the love they let die, Kira has some choices to make. When Kira finds herself tempted to touch will she remain faithful to her husband or yield to the desires of her flesh?



When I rounded the corner Meena, my secretary, was standing in front of her desk smiling and waving at me. Her attentiveness and bright smile cut right into my investigation into why my marriage was beginning to fail.


“Hi, Meena. Did you miss me?” I asked, referring to the way she was waiting to greet me like a lap dog.


“Mrs. Seagram, you’re so funny,” she said, swiping her wispy brunette hair out of her eyes. “I’m so excited to see you because I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you go into your office.”


“Ugh.” I groaned, letting my arms droop at my sides. “You didn’t redecorate again, did you?”


“No. While you were at lunch you received a delivery and it’s mighty extravagant. I hope that after I’ve been married for ten years my husband still does things like Mr. Seagram.”


“Thank you, Meena. I’m sure it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” I said as I walked past her desk. I turned the knob and my stomach dropped to my heels. On the other side of the door a tall medley of flowers and fruit curled into a G clef awaited me. A smile spread across my face as I approached this massive fruit salad structure. I fingered the petals of the black orchids and inspected the assortment of fruits—pineapple chunks, mangoes, and strawberries covered in white chocolate. All of my favorite things were neatly assembled on my desk. Mason must have thought there was another dog sniffing around his backyard.


“Excuse me,” I said to Meena who was still standing in the doorway gawking at the flowers as I picked up the phone and dialed Mason’s cell phone number.


He probably thought this massive floral arrangement would get me to join the choir and keep my affections at home. I would have preferred some new shoes. Shoot, for a new pair of Fendi pumps I’d churn out “I Go to the Rock” in a heartbeat and have them saints running up and down the aisle of our church in a minute.


“Praise the Lord!” Mason shouted into the phone when he answered. <em>Why did he have to be all holy all the time?</em>


“Hello, Mason.”


“What’s going on, my love? You usually don’t call me in the middle of the day.”


“You tell me what’s going on, Mason. Do you think that a little gallant gesture and some white chocolate will get me to work on the record with your choir?”


“What are you talking about?”


“You know exactly what I’m talking about. The floral arrangement—”


“Floral arrangement?” he queried, cutting me off.


“If you thought that an oversized wreath would get me to sing with that little gospel choir of yours, you’re wrong.”


“Kira, I did not send you any floral arrangement.”


Half listening to his spiel, I dug my hand into the center of the arrangement and removed the card. <em>Without your voice my music is all blues and no rhythm. ~Q</em>


I read the message again and flashes of heat coursed through my fingers. His vulnerability was sexy. Quincy McAdams had gone from a chemistry major to a music mogul and his life was still missing something. The words on the card spoke louder to me than Mason until he shouted into the receiver,


“Well, where did the flowers come from? I will not ask again.”

About The Author



Nigeria Lockley possesses two master’s degrees, one in English secondary education, which she utilizes as an educator with the New York City Department of Education. Her second master’s degree is in creative writing. Nigeria’s debut novel, Born at Dawn received the 2015 Phillis Wheatley Award for First Fiction. Nigeria serves as the Vice President of Bridges Family Services, a not-for-profit organization that assists student parents interested in pursuing a degree in higher education. She is also the deaconess and clerk for her spiritual home, King of Kings and Lord of Lords Church of God. Nigeria is a New York native who resides in Harlem with her husband and two daughters.


Social Links

Website: http://www.nigerialockley.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorNigeriaLockley

Twitter: www.twitter.com/NewNigeria

Purchase Links

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B013W6BUIY

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1122815407?ean=9780996468701

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/576776

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Contest ends: Nov 1, 2015 11:59 p.m.

Open: USA only

Terms and Conditions: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. A winner will be randomly drawn through the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. The winner will then have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, a new draw will take place for a new winner. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. This giveaway is sponsored by the author Nigeria Lockley and is hosted and managed by Paulette from Write Now Literary Book Tours. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send an email to Paulette @ pharperjohnson@gmail.com


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HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND author Titus Pollard



Genre: Christian Fiction; Mystery

Paperback: 298 pages

ISBN-10: 0692214968

ISBN-13: 978-0692214961

About The Author


Titus Pollard is a critically acclaimed Classical, Jazz & Gospel musician, educator, clinician, playwright, and actor.

He is personally responsible for teaching some of the most renowned artisans of contemporary music. Some of his former students have been in the employ of Dr. Bobby Jones, Maynard Ferguson, the New York Repertory Theatre, Kelly Price, The Clark Sisters, The O’Jays, and the Morehouse Glee Club.

His most recent projects include the novels Hell In The Choirstand and Living Right On Wrong Street. In addition to his writing, his most recent projects include his role as Rev. Cole in the film A Black Woman’s Guide to Getting Married (2008), the Gospel music CD Conversation with a Psalmist (2007), and the musical director of the stage play The Whole House (2008). He is probably best known for his world-renowned video instruction series Learn to Play Gospel Piano (1989 – Present). He has been featured in three editions of Jet magazine and BET television. He is currently the minister of music for Springfield Baptist Church, Raleigh NC.

About The Book


There’s no battle like a spiritual one! In HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND, Jeremiah David Day moves to the spiritually desolate city of Olds, Michigan. Jeremiah, an anointed Gospel musician, receives an invitation from Rev. Daniel Trantham, the pastor of Ezekiel Baptist Church, to become their minister of music. Ezekiel’s congregation welcomes Jeremiah as he goes to work establishing the music department as an army of worshippers, but Renard Singleton, the church organist, feels that Jeremiah is unnecessarily disturbing the natural order of things.

Renard resents being overlooked for the music minister position, and enters into a spree of revenge against Jeremiah through botched choir rehearsals and petty squabbles with individual singers. Renard concentrates the majority of his activities, however, in the spiritual realm.

Unbeknownst to Jeremiah, Renard is a member of the Society of Tyrus; a secretive, demonic cult of musicians with chapters (The Pentagrammatory) that span across the country. Renard prepares a series of musical spells and incantations; prescribed from their secret book (Codified Manual of Tyrus) whose origin dates back to the 9th century and believed to be inspired by Heaven’s (excommunicated) original chief musician, Lucifer. Renard’s intention – use music to erect confusion among God’s people through the worship services.

Renard’s father, Adrian, attempts to dissuade his son’s scheme with the admission of a thirty year old family secret, but it’s to no avail. Equipped with the new information, Renard heightens his damnable acts – the planting of arcane devices in Bibles, morbid musical arrangements, and secular compositions that call for the eradication of the people of God. As the story progresses, the Tyrus Society’s annual DOA – a nationwide strategic confusion of church worship – is fast approaching, and Renard wants to be at the forefront of the movement.

But God has sharpened Jeremiah’s weapon.

A battle ensues as the two musicians take up arms; Jeremiah embraces the Lord while Renard clutches the Ras el-Ain. The result is a musical showdown amidst a worship service where human and instrumental voices unite to summon the ear of God and mobilize an angelic host.

The Heavens are telling! HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND is a revelation of the power that music possesses and how faith in God restores and upholds a people, a city, and the world.


Social Links

Website: http://www.tituspollard.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/tituspollard06

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TitusDPollard

Buy Links

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hell-in-the-choirstand-titus-pollard/1121979665?ean=9780692214961

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Choirstand-Titus-Pollard-ebook/dp/B00V7GQD02/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1428756152&sr=1-1

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Choirstand-Titus-Pollard/dp/0692214968/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1428756152&sr=1-1

Tour hosted by Write Now Literary    www.wnlbooktours.com     

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Kim Brooks author of She That Findeth #shethatfindeth


Kim Brooks Talks About Her New Book She That Findeth #shethatfindeth

What inspired you to write this book?

As a licensed minister to singles for the last 10 years and the author of a daily devotional for single women in which I receive feedback from subscribers as well, I’ve noticed many single women have similar issues when it comes to being single and matters of the heart. Also, as a 30-something woman with familial dreams of my own, I have experienced moments of desiring a mate myself, which is truly natural since Scripture says God will give the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). It’s the waiting period that so many get impatient with as many God-fearing women wonder, “When will he come?” So I decided to place these feelings along with the feelings of others into one character by the name of Shenita Love (which stands for “She Needs a Love”) who, at 35, gets tired of waiting on God to send her a husband and decides to set out to get one on her own. In her quest to find a husband, her friends Jackie, Pippa, Danielle and RayShawn all have their own problems to deal with as well and by the end of the novel the reader discovers whether or not Shenita finds all she seeks.

What is your favorite chapter from the book and why?

My favorite chapter from the book is Chapter 56 near the end when all is forgiven from the three friends as Shenita and Jackie support Danielle in her future endeavor. It’s a nice “moment” between friends who, in spite of their different personalities and different personal issues with men, come together and be a blessing to one another as true friends should be.
What are three things you wish you’d known before you reached where you are now?
I wish I had known that just because you sign on with a major publisher doesn’t guarantee that they’ll market your book. When I signed my first book deal for my debut novel, He’s Fine…But is He Saved? years ago I assumed the distribution and marketing would be there. I eventually discovered that while the distribution was there (once the publisher realized there was a real demand for the book as at one point they were sold out because they didn’t print enough copies initially) the publisher solely depended on me to get the word out about the book to the masses. Thankfully, with the help of my publicist, Pam Perry, we were able to spread the word about the book to the point where it did become a bestseller with Black Expresssions Bookclub shortly after its release.
That’s the only thing I wish I had known, other than that I have no regrets and to this day consider everything a learning process.

Oprah always asks, What do you know for sure?

I know that Jesus is Lord and that He created each and every one of us with a purpose in life and it’s up to us to seek God and discover what it is. I know for sure that I was born to write. I also know for sure that I love Oprah 🙂

What did you learn while writing this book?

Interestingly enough, I learned that pole dancing isn’t just some freaky dance women do in order to get dollars from dudes. One of the characters gets tempted to go back to a pole dancing lifestyle, and interestingly enough in doing research for it by attending a class (yes, I did) and watching instructional videos on YouTube I discovered that there’s a lot of effort involved and that it’s not easy to do, requires skill and is an actual sport. I believe because of the music, costumes and environment makes for a more sexual atmosphere, but remove those elements and place a girl in a gymnasium wearing a leotard doing the same type of routing I don’t believe you’ll have the same effect. If given the right enviornment and family friendly music and decent clothing, I actually can see it as an Olympic sport one day.

If you could have dinner with three authors to talk with about their writing , living or deceased , who would you invite and why?

I would love to have dinner with Tyler Perry (yes, He authored a Madear book before so he counts 🙂 Joyce Meyer and Jerry Jenkins.

Tyler Perry is my inspiration and has been since his first movie (I’ll admit I didn’t start attending his plays until recently) and I would ask him how in the world does he find time to write movies, plays, t.v. shows along with their accompanying songs etc. I love how he doesn’t keep himself in a box but still respects his core audience by not going to far left to the left.

I would talk to Joyce Meyer about her relationship with God and how she maintains such a calm, peaceful and humble demeanor while heading a largely successful ministry that blesses at the same time and I’ll also ask her about her philanthropic efforts in feeding and providing water for others in other countries. I love her spirit and her words are anointed and I would just enjoy gleaning from what she has to say.

I would ask Jerry Jenkins about the success of his “Left Behind” books and how he got to where he is today since millions have been blessed by his books.

What is the toughest test you faced as a writer or in your profession and how did you overcome the problem?

The toughest test I faced in in not taking things personally. I had to learn that not everyone will agree with your work or endorse it and I had to learn that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I had to trust God that He would have the right people be blessed by my work and the right people to come along and support what I’m doing. Now, when my new book, She That Findeth, released I checked the Amazon reviews actually looking for a 1 star rating because I wanted to get the feedback and learn how I can improve. To my pleasant surprise so far all reviewers have given it 5 stars and many women commented on how they can relate to one or more characters and how they were encouraged in their walk with Christ as a result of reading it. To God be the Glory!

About the Author


Kim Brooks is the Award-winning author of non-fiction and fiction books for singles including Black Expressions Bestseller, He’s Fine…but is he Saved? and her newest novel release, She That Findeth.

Kim is a former guest columnist for Gospel Today Magazine and featured on The Word Network and she publishes a monthly eNewsletter, The Single Heart, and an online daily devotional for single women which encourages thousands worldwide and is subscribable for free on her website, Kimontheweb.com

About the Book


Ten years of believing, yet still no husband in sight for Shenita Love. The Bible does say “Wait on the Lord,” which, for Shenita, means waiting for God to deliver her a soul mate. Then again, God helps those who help themselves.

On her thirty-fifth birthday, Shenita’s fear of never starting a family has reached a fever pitch. Her trusty “rule book”—filled with guidelines for dating—simply isn’t cutting it. Soon Shenita is signing up for online dating sites, hitting on men at sporting events, and putting herself out there in ways she never imagined.

When Shenita stops playing by the book and takes matters into her own hands, she finds anything can happen.

Meanwhile, her closest friends are struggling with their own issues of sexuality, acceptance, divorce, insecurity, and financial strain. Always the faithful shoulder to lean on, Shenita wants to be there for them, but her desire to find a man leads her to an unforeseeable circumstance. A place where she must examine her relationship with God and reconsider her priorities.

Book Review by Linda Fegins

How many of you had said to yourself, “God helps those who help themselves” and taken a matter into your own hands? You don’t have to raise your hand, but you will love the chief character Shenita Love in Kim Brooks’ novel She That Findeth . Shenita turns 35 and decides she has waited on the Lord too long and must find the right man her way.

Minister Kim Brooks is a prolific writer who entertains you, while at the same time she engages you in learning a life lesson or examining your faith and relationship with the Lord. You can relate to her well developed characters who face real and tough issues. The story gripped my interest from the beginning to the end. Kim’s story telling is captivating.

Kim raises a very real issue in Christendom about how do you trust God while waiting for a mate or for any situation in which you have been waiting for an answer. A fun read, this book will serve as a wonderful discussion and topic study for the women’s ministry or just among friends, men and women. She That Findeth is a wonderful book.

Order This BookSHE THAT FINDETH (Trade Paperback):
● Amazon
● B&N
● IndieBound

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Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

Two Women. Two Cultures. A Troubled Teen

About the Book

A storm the size of Texas brews when Gloria Powell and Kai Chang meet in a Dallas hotel. They have come to discuss the future of Lily, the daughter Gloria adopted from China and the sister Kai hopes to reclaim. Kai is a doctor who had to give up her little sister during the Cultural Revolution and has since discovered that an inherited genetic defect may be waiting to fatally strike Lily.

Gloria’s relationship with her daughter is tattered and strained, and the arrival of Kai, despite the woman’s apparent good intentions, makes Gloria fearful. Gloria longs to restore her relationship with Lily, but in the wake of this potentially devastating diagnosis, is Kai an answer to prayer…or will her arrival force Gloria to sacrifice more than she ever imagined?

About the Author

Patti Lacy graduated from Baylor University in 1977 with a BS in education. She taught at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois, until she retired in 2006 to pursue writing full time. She and her husband, Alan, have two grown children. Visit Patti at http://www.pattilacy.com.

“http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=29461380&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00adef&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&loop=0” />http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=29461380&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00adef&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&loop=0


Read Excerpt at http://www.scribd.com/doc/63098733/Reclaiming-Lily

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Living in the Pink Blog Tour

SHARON TUBBS is a Christian who loves to write. She has worked professionally as a journalist since 1995 and has reported and written about various news topics, from local government issues to race relations to national religious events. Currently, she is a community news editor for a major newspaper in Florida.

Her passion is writing about God’s love and His vision for believers. She confessed Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1995, shortly after graduating from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and moving away from her home state to jumpstart a journalism career in suburban New Jersey. Hundreds of miles away from the security of home, she realized that God was the source of true peace, contentment, and most importantly eternal life. Since moving to Florida in 1996, she has used church leadership activities and other venues to encourage women in the Tampa Bay area to write poetry, devotionals, and books with Christian themes. She has also sponsored a “small group” home Bible study affiliated with Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida, where she has been a member since January 2008. She feels blessed to learn from other women, while helping to facilitate their growth, as well.

The Living in the Pink project originated when Sharon wrote a version of the first story, Revelation, for a writing contest. She didn’t plan to create a series at the time. In fact, that story stayed tucked away in the annals of her computer for years before she looked at it again. The second go-round, she saw potential for something more and began to develop the central character “Sister Pinky,” using humor and real-life situations to touch others in a down-to-earth way. In 2009, the project was launched online at LivingInThePink.com as a monthly short story series and newsletter with themes inspired by struggles that many women face.

In the spring of 2010, Sharon finalized a deal with Moody Publishers to expand the Living in the Pink project. That same year, she also contracted with See Media, a Christian company that publishes 30-day devotionals for woman. Both the Living in the Pink project and Sharon’s devotional for See Media are scheduled for release in April 2011.


Living in the Pink is a series of humorous and insightful short stories with Christian underpinnings. Through the eyes of the wise “Sister Pinky” and Believers Ministries International Church, these stories highlight issues that women grapple with but that often remain unspoken in religious circles. The characters are everyday wives, mothers, and singles. They develop and gain a spiritual perspective in dealing with romantic relationships, wayward children, jealousy, church traditions, Christian hypocrisy, and self-righteous judgment, among other themes.

Discussion questions help readers connect with the storylines and urge them to look within—and up—to reach their highest potential in life.

Book Review by Linda Fegins

The delightful book “Living In the Pink”, authored by Sharon Tubbs, is full of real life colorful characters, humor, insightful short stories about the lives of people and relevant life issues surrounding the characters who have chosen to live their life in the pink. The central character is a once worldly woman, affectionately called “Sister Pinky” who knows about living in the pink, but who has been transformed and now reaches out to help others with godly wisdom and spirit-led solutions. Sister Pinky’s mission is to guide women out of their pinkish state and into walking in the light of God’s Word and ways without compromise.

What is the pink state? It’s a state of straddling the fence where one has not totally committed his or her life to walking in the ways of Christ, but have continued to live a carnal lifestyle. The person may say they believe in God, but only enough to call themselves “spiritual” without having to make significant changes in their lives.

Sharon Tubbs shares life lessons in a non “preachy” way, but challenges and inspires women to honestly examine their life choices and to find out how to grow in the ways of Christ and to live a righteous and victorious lifestyle. This page turner has discussion questions at the end of each story that inspire self-reflection. The short stories and discussion questions make this an excellent book for women’s groups to study. The short stories address relevant issues that exist in the church today. This book works well as an individual read or as a study tool for church groups.

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My Father’s Colors by Marian L. Thomas

Marian L. Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude, receiving her Bachelor degree in Business Communication. She began her writing debut as a Sports Editor and as a News Editor for a local Atlanta college paper.

It took over twenty-years for Marian to see her first piece of published fiction in Print─Color Me Jazzmyne, in early 2009. Color Me Jazzmyne went on to become a Amazon Best-selling novel for Marian, reaching #1 in the Rhythm & Blue category, #2 in Inner-Child and #7 in Performance/Voice for her character Naya Moná’s, amazing melodious tones that are developed throughout the book.

Color Me Jazzmyne was awarded as one of the “Top 100 Books” for 2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review.

While Marian’s books are a work of fiction, they touch on the struggles of women, abuse, relationships and friendships, giving each one a hint of reality that readers are looking for in a good, clean and emotional story.

Visit the author online at http://www.marianlthomas.com/

About the Book

Four people will travel on a journey that will lead to one destination.

How do you find a daughter you never knew you gave birth to? That is the question that Naya must answer as she once again finds herself on a journey filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets of her past.

How far would one go for love? That is the question that Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the most.

Fame and Fortune have been the determining factor for Misty ever since her father passed away. How far will she go, this time to achieve it?

Carl Thompson has found the love of his life, only she doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the future. Does he have enough love for the both of them?

Join best-selling author Marian L. Thomas as she takes you through the pages of My Father’s Colors. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and get caught in the drama-filled story of a woman’s journey to find her voice, again!

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 My Father’s Colors  by Marian L. thomas  was a  entertaining , yet poetic  and compelling story about the main character Naya Mona’s journey to find her voice, develop  a relationship with a son and search for a daughter she was not aware existed. She struggles to find peace and forgive her father as she is a survival of incest and rape that produced her children at a young age. I loved the gentleness and tone with which the author allowed the characters to share with us their drama filled journey filled with secrets, regret, and betrayal.

 Although I was left wondering about some characters and situations, the story was engaging and I enjoyed the author’s  creative style in telling the story. The talented R and B singer, Naya Mona, gains strength and courage to face her demons, tell her story, and to seek and speak the truth. She musters the courage to stop allowing other people to color her attitude and reactions to life, but to determine the colors she will select to define herself and her world.

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Prevention Month.  This story reminds us that  many boys and girls have suffered violence and sexual perversion at the hands of persons they trusted as well as from strangers. Please report child abuse. If you have suffered from such conduct seek help and counseling and know that you are worthy of love.

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“Beautiful Ugly ” by Shelia Lipsey

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Worth A Thousand Words- Book review by Linda Fegins (Faygo)

Worth A Thousand Words    ISBN-10: 0800732677worth a thousand words
Jubilant Soul Series Book Two
by Stacy Hawkins Adams

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, Indigo Burns discovers that a wonderful near picture perfect life may only display a surface portrayal of satisfaction, completeness and fulfillment, but cover-up  deep conflicting emotions and values.  Ambitious, smart, intelligent and beautiful, Indigo has a man who wants to marry her without reservation.    Indigo loves him, but she has plans to attend graduate school   to enable her to pursue a photography career.  Brian proposes to her and wants the wedding to occur soon and for Indigo to change her plans for the future.

Indigo said yes to the proposal, yet she is not an enthusiastic bride- to- be. To everyone Brian is a wonderful man and a great catch. Indigo knows that, but still wonders can she be fulfilled and happy if she sacrifices her dreams to become his wife at this time instead of waiting. What will happen to her well laid plans after her photography internship at her home town of Jubilant, Texas? Is the seemingly love of her life  worth sacrificing her career for or can  the plans Brian has for her to fit her career within the narrow confines of a Navy Officer’s wife suffice just as well?

 How does Indigo grapple with the competing desires of her heart and the competing agendas of those whom she loves?  Can Indigo live with the consequences of her choices? “Worth A Thousand Words” explores the tough issue of making hard choices about love, relationships,  and career. It gracefully demonstrates the power of prayer and faith to overcome unexpected adversity, the importance of friendships and wise counsel, and the  courage  of being truthful to the persons in our lives, and to ourselves in a non-preachy , but spiritually profound manner. Moreover, this graceful story emphasizes  the importance of  trusting in God when one cannot afford to “lean to one’s own understanding”. It is a heartfelt compelling novel about trust, love, friendship and forgiveness.

Book review by Linda Fegins

ABOUT THE AUTHOR    of the book      StacyHawkinsAdams-th

Stacy Hawkins Adams is a nationally-published, award-winning author and speaker. Her contemporary women’s fiction novels are filled with social themes and spiritual quests that take readers on journeys into their own souls.  

She holds a degree in journalism and served as a newspaper reporter for more than a decade before turning her full attention to penning books, speaking professionally and writing freelance articles.

Stacy lives in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young children.

Follow the blog tour schedule at http://bitly.com/WorthAThousandWords

For more information about Stacy, visit her at stacyhawkinsadams.com.

Purchase “Worth a Thousand Words” at Amazon.com





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