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Wisdom:Preventing Problems Before They Happen– Virtual Blog Tour


About the Author

Shon was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio for 25 years and in 2004 moved to Phoenix, Arizona with his family. He is happily married for ten years to Londina and has two children. Shon is the owner of Never Again Ministries which promote Marriage Enhancement and Holistic Relationships in God. He’s an Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister, Mentor and radio personality for “The Doctor of Love” show. He is a certified Marriage Coach and the “Marriage Works” series from AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors). Shon is a fan of NFL football and UFC fights.

Website: www.neveragainministries.com


About the Book

Everyone desires to be wise, but the truth is it doesn’t come naturally for many. Wisdom must be sought after. Wisdom must be practiced. Wisdom must be a goal for every day of life. Shon ‘Doctor of Love’ Hyneman has made the attainment of godly wisdom a priority in his life and his marriage, and now he’s sharing the treasures gained during his journey with others through his new book Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen.

Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen highlights Shon’s passion for marriages. He desires to see two whole and healthy individuals cleave together to create a union that blesses


their partnership, their relatives and friends, their community and ultimately the world at large.

Shon values transparency. In Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen he gives an up close and personal look at his approach to various relationships and marriage outside of the safeguards of Godly wisdom. This sincerity gives hope and encouragement that with a renewed mind a lifestyle of blessing is birthed.  There’s no better time than the present to grab hold of wisdom with all your heart, mind and soul and intentionally create a marriage relationship that so glorifies God its remnants echo through eternity.

Purchase book Amazon

Author Interview

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Husband of ten years, Father, Mentor and Owner of Never Again Ministries which promote Marriage Enhancement and Holistic Relationships. My Wife and I host the Doctor of Love Show on Three different stations.


Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

In my latest book WISDOM:  Preventing Problems before They Happen the overall message is to help people cut back on making bad decisions. Don’t get me wrong, we all make mistakes but if there is someone who can mentor us from making bad decisions, apply the wisdom that others give to you.


What is the most challenging part of being an indie author?

What is the most rewarding part of being an indie author? The most challenging part of being an indie author is getting others to see the vision that is birthed within you. When you don’t have others backing you or you don’t have the big name to match, it takes more time for others to buy into what you are writing.
What made you decide to become an author?

I like to talk a lot! I figured if I can put all my thoughts and ideas on paper it will become more valuable to those who read my books.
When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published?

I started writing my first book If You Apply These Principles in 2008. Then I went on to get published by the company Lulu.

Please tell us the titles of your current book (s): And give a brief synopsis 

-If You Apply These Principles: God Is More Practical Than We Think (2008) I used a lot of Bible Scripture from the book of Proverbs on the practicality of God and how God require work to be done on our behalf to be successful.

-It’s The Woman You Gave Me (2009) how we can get past blaming others for past hurts and disappointments from parents, friends, spouses, and situations. Notice how the blame game started with Adam and Eve in the garden. Since the beginning of time it’s been an issue even until today.

-3 Are Even Better (2010) eight week workbook for married couples and benefits of God being the head of your marriage. The title came from the book of Ecclesiates 4:12 we discuss topics from money, sex, how to affair proof your marriage to blended families

-WISDOM: Preventing Problems before they happen (2012) Refer back to question number one for synopsis

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors?

Don’t quit when things get tough and get connected to others who have the same goals as you. Networking with other authors is a powerful tool. Also support other authors and understand it’s not always about you and your work.


Tell us about your journey to publication.

For me it was tough because I didn’t know any other published authors when I wrote my first book. I just did the best I could and let the cards fall. But as time went on publishing became easier.

 What next for you?

We are hosting our first “3 are even better” Marriage Retreat in Payson, Arizona this fall and the release of my new book WISDOM: Preventing problems before they happen


 Here is the audio trailer mp3 http://hyneman.audioacrobat.com/download/WISDOMPreventingProblems.mp3

Here is the visual promo http://animoto.com/play/hxXxB1klXh9iZvkqgufMZA

 For Empowered to Propser

Why does the fire die down in our marriages?

I think we get used to our Spouse after so many years of Marriage. That’s why date nights (or mornings) is healthy for a Marriage. Always take time to reinvent yourself to keep the Marriage fresh.



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Nothing is Too Hard for God Blog Tour with C. M. Jones

C. M. Jones is well on her way to becoming a household name. She has just completed her second publication, Nothing Is Too Hard for God, and launched a publishing company with her family, HortonJonesInc., that also mentors young writers. In addition she has begun to offer writing seminars and motivational speaking services. When asked about her endeavors, C. M. Jones has said that writing and mentoring is her ministry and she does it all to the glory of God.

Her debut novella, I Still Do, which was published through Author House but is now apart of the HortonJones, Inc. portfolio, sold thousands of copies in the United States and abroad. This Christian ficton writer indeed is no stranger to writing creative and inspiring stories. She began writing at the young age of eight years old while acting in her elementary school drama club. C. M. Jones has written countless poems, musicals and short stories that include themes of redemption, forgiveness and a real picture of the things that can happen in life, when you have faith in Jesus Christ.

Visit her online at http://www.cmjonestheauthor.com.

 About the Book 

Nothing Is Too Hard for God is the sequel to the novella I Still Do. These three best friends are back to take you on a journey through their past and into their future. This book is full of truth, faith and testaments to what God can do when we submit our lives to Him. Do you want to know how God brought Deborah through her haunted past and into His saving grace? Would you like to know why Damien was disloyal to Karen and if their marriage can really survive after his affair? Last, but not least, if you want to know how Leslie’s heart went from being as cold as stone to being full of love, then you must read Nothing is too hard for God. Just when you think you have it all figured out, this novel will take another turn.

Jones’ book  demonstrates what the Lord can do in our lives if we would only trust Him and surrender all into His Hands. Three different friends respond to issues that confront their career, marriage,  and personal relationships  when they must face sickness, betrayal, unforgivess and low self-esteem.

View the blog tour schedule and read an excerpt at http://bit.ly/NothingisTooHardforGod.

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“Marriage 101” by Jewell Powell

BLOG TOUR DRAWING. • If you desire to participate in the drawing you are required to please leave your name and email address and participate in the discussion question below at the end of the article. At the end of the week, One Winner (Randomly chosen from all blogs – see schedule at http://bit.ly/Marriage101) will receive a $30 DATE NIGHT certificate to the restaurant of their choice (Applebees, Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday or Red Lobster) and a gift pack of books (includes Marriage 101, I Don’t Want a Divorce, and Have a New Husband by Friday.)


Your marriage can be strong, healthy, happy, and blessed. Marriage coach Jewell Powell shows you how in this 8-week plan for marital success. She reveals how God’s truths can transform two individuals into the union he desires. Laying a spiritual foundation is crucial to your marriage. In Marriage 101: Building a Life Together by Faith, you will discover God’s purpose for marriage, how to develop godly character, how to communicate effectively, and much more. With biblical examples, study questions, and Scripture meditations perfect for individuals or couples, you will be challenged to examine areas in your life that may need change so that your marriage can thrive.

jewell-powell[1]MEET THE AUTHOR- Jewell R. Powell, originally born in Atlantic City , NJ is now happily married to Lewis Powell and a mother to two beautiful daughters, Lauren (12) and Diamond (9). She is a graduate of VCMI Ministerial Training School, Florida Institute of Technology and the University of MD.
Her first book Marriage 101: Building a Life Together by Faith is published by Revell a subsidiary of Baker Publishing Group. She has recently released, under her own publishing company (Grace Publishing Inc), a four-part Marriage 101 Mini-Series: Sex & Intimacy, Communication, Parenting, and Finance. In addition, she released a Marriage 101 Journal to complement the Marriage 101 book. Grace Publishing will release in December 2009 the Marriage 101 Marriage Enrichment Curriculum and Pre-Marital Curriculum for marriage ministry leaders.
Jewell R. Powell, affectionately known as The Marriage Coach is an inspirational teacher/speaker and #1 bestselling author. Jewell has made it her mission to help married couples, especially those who are having trouble in their marriages. Jewell is currently working on her children’s series to debut 2010.
Visit Jewell R. Powell onlinehttp://www.asheagoldson.com.

• When did you begin to realize you liked to write?

I NEVER had a desire to write. However, on February 14, 2001, I was called to write. Since my passion is in helping people, I am driven to write.
• Tell us about your book, Marriage 101.

I share a story many know all too well. Whether in their own lives or in those of close family and friends. It’s a story about a marriage in trouble. I take you on my spiritual journey—of how my husband and I went from being engaged and enthusiastic to being frustrated and separated. I share the real issues that plague most marriages and the many challenges we faced. I share the disappointment I felt, looking at what was supposed to be “happily ever after.” But I also share how Lewis and I were able to rebuild our relationship and the lessons learned along the way as I implemented eight biblical truths from searching the Scriptures.

• Is this book for singles too?

Absolutely, this book is very personal. It allows the reader, whether married or single, to examine themselves so they can change and be all that God has called them to be.

• What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading Marriage 101?

I hope they will learn God’s purpose for marriage and that they discover the hidden truth.
• Where can readers order your book online?

Amazon.com, mosaicbooks.com, or my website at www.marriage101.us

• Do you offer your services as a speaker for workshops, conferences, or retreats? If so, what are the titles of some of your popular topics?

• Marriage 101 (teaching the eight biblical principles and discussing topics that plague most relationships: Finance, Communication, Parenting, Sex & Intimacy)
• The Extreme Makeover
• Doing the Right Thang

Tell us about some activities you enjoy doing during your free time.

Reading , shopping, and spending time with my family.

Do you like to cook? If so, what are your favorite dishes to cook (or eat)?

No, this was one of the biggest challenges we had to overcome in our marriage. However, I love Indian food.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

Isaiah 55:8-11 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts…”

I have realized, as a Christian, that God expects me (us) to do things that really don’t make sense. I must say that it is not my favorite scripture but it helps me to stay focus – to do the right thing.

What one piece of advice did someone give that still sticks with you to this day?

Tyler Perry, “It doesn’t matter if a million people tell you what you can’t do, or if ten million tell you no. If you get one yes from God that’s all you need.” And he has stated numerous times to own, own, own.

What brings you the most joy? Spending time with Lewis and the girls

Follow the blog tour at http://bit.ly/Marriage101.
For more information about, visit Jewell at http://www.marriage101.us/.

Jewell or commenters – Select one or all or Commenters discuss your concerns about marriage
What is one of the greatest errors couples can make when they get married?
How can singles start preparing for a healthy marriage now?
With the economy so rocky, how can couples guard against letting it affect their relationships?

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